Dear Friends, Program Participants and Supporters,

We would like to share with you very exciting news: ArtsWestchester added our Foundation to the list of organizations eligible for matching funds. As an affiliate of ArtsWestchester, the Nowodworski Foundation is eligible for a matching grant from their Art$W Challenge program:

— Please got to the Nowodworski Foundation site and donate what you can (every little bit helps):

— Funds are limited but if you donate now your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar! However, funding is only available on a first-come, first-serve basis, until all available funds have been allocated, so please make your donation as soon as possible. Submitting by the deadline does not guarantee funding.

Please help us raise money and awareness for our art program this fall! Take the Art$WChallenge! Your donation will provide much-needed funds to support cultural programs and services in Westchester that people who live outside of the area (all across the USA) can also participate in by Zoom. Every new dollar donated (up to a maximum amount set forth in the guidelines) till December 31, 2020, is eligible to be matched by ArtsWestchester with the support of the Westchester County Government.

The Nowodworski Foundation has been providing free weekly Zoom art classes for children and adults since April 2020. Part of the cost of half of the 2020 art classes was funded by the New York State Council on the Arts and administrated by ArtsWestchester. The rest of the cost, about 60%, was covered by the Nowodworski Foundation. We need your support to continue to provide these free zoom classes. Our classes are great for both children and adults. We invite entire families, seniors, and any person who is interested in creating art. People of any age and in any location can participate.

We were recently awarded a grant for a project called YONKERS QUILT. We are going to start these art workshops as a continuation of our Zoom classes. Anyone with access to the Internet can participate. Many people, who don’t have computers or tablets, use their cell phones. 
The materials required are very simple; Black Sharpie marker, pencil, any paper, markers, crayons, and sometimes paints. If someone doesn’t have such materials, we try to help, however, the classes are designed so that even a pencil and a few pages of printing paper (8.5 by 11”) will work.

The YONKERS QUILT will be our special presentation of a very unique city, to everyone interested in creating art. Many people who live in Yonkers or nearby, and sometimes far away, after participating in our previous workshop, took a trip to discover the dramatic views of the Hudson River cliffs, visited very unique and breathtaking Untermyer Gardens and Philipse Manor Hall. Hudson River Museum is also a great place to discover. These are the places we’re going to explore again while placing them in one huge quilt. We will also learn how to use elements of art (line, texture, shape, color, and value) by focusing on one element at a time. We will focus on continents and nations, since the people of Yonkers, a city of immigrants, represent all of us who live in the United States of America. We will paint portraits, architecture, flowers and animals, landscapes, oceans, and rivers. We will paint our thoughts, dreams, and everything that is important to us.

Every individual artwork will be stitched into one large piece, the YONKERS QUILT. That’s why all participants, when the art sessions are free, are required to email photos of their finished artworks after each class. The Nowodworski Foundation artists create digital images/video of the artworks.

The second part of the project is a VISUAL EXHIBIT in the Philipse Manor Hall or Riverfront Public Library. If the pandemic situation improves, we want to offer live art workshops for everyone, children, and adults. We will provide all the art materials and support. These pieces will also be stitched together to make a REAL Visual presentation.

Please help us raise money for the continuation of our art programs! Please got to the Nowodworski Foundation site and donate what you can (every little bit helps):

Your donations will help us to continue to provide free art workshops for everyone.

Thank you so much for your support.

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