• Find new friends.
  • Have fun at outings, boating, skiing, painting and working together on JP2 House.
  • Let your children develop with art and music talent by joining the Nowodworski programs, workshops and contests.
  • Travel together to Poland and Italy for the Summer Art Camps.
  • Join the Nowodworski Foundation Knight Club and get advantage of discounts for events and programs.


  • Volunteer with us at workshops, events or JP2 House renovation.
  • Come up with a new idea and let us know.
  • Advertise with us.
  • Rent/use JP2 House in Yonkers.
  • Sign up for programs, workshops or events.
  • Request artist fiscal sponsorship.
  • Donate or provide in-kind donation
    Donations are tax deductible.
    Federal ID # 16-1626415

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