2023 Christmas Carols Competition

The Nowodworski Foundation 1st Polish and International Christmas Carols Vocal Solo and Choir Competition

  1. The Nowodworski Foundation was founded in 1999 to promote international cultural and educational exchange creating opportunities for the flourishing of the Arts. Among many successful programs and competitions in 2019, “Christmas Cribs Competition” was created. This competition became so popular that last year that the Nowodworski Foundation received over 70 works with over 120 participants. The greatest level of artistry is achieved when most arts are united and this is how the idea of “Polish and International Christmas Carols, Vocal Solo and Choir Competition” was born. It also provides an opportunity to encourage singers, choral conductors and directors to compete and to receive feedback from a Jury. Also, preparing Christmas Carlos from different countries, helps to unite our society into one democratic family living under the United States flag. It also gives an opportunity for Polish ethnic groups to be heard by other ethnic groups.
  2. The Nowodworski Foundation’s “1st Polish and International Christmas Carols, Vocal Solo and Choir Competition” will be held on: December 6th –7th, 2023 at the Polish Slavic Center, 176 Java St. Brooklyn, 11222
  3. The Competition is open to singers of all voice types, nationalities and ages. There are no age restrictions, however, there will be — age categories.
  4. For solo singers: with accompaniment (karaoke acceptable) but NOT a’capella:
    1. Ages 5 to 9
    2. Ages 10 to13
    3. Ages 14 to 18
    4. Ages 19 to 30
    5. Ages 30+

For Choir age categories:

  1. Ages 7 to 15
  2. Ages 16 +
  1. The Competition will consist of 2 rounds:
  • FIRST ROUND – Dec.6th, 2023
  • FINALS – Dec. 7th, 2023

Selected winners will be invited to perform at the award ceremony of the Christmas Cribs Competition on January 13 at the Polish Consulate General in New York.

  1. The jury will include accomplished singers and other music professionals.
  2. The final round is open to the public.
  3. Completed application form, from the Nowodworski Foundation’s website www.siteNF.org, must be submitted electronically by December 1st, 2023 along with a non-refundable application fee of $50 per solo singer and $100 per a choral group.
  4. The candidate’s submission of his/her competition application form will be tantamount to the candidate’s approval of the competition rules.
    For under age candidates — their parent or legal guardian should fill out, sign, and submit the application.



FIRST ROUND – Thursday, December 6th, 2023 at the Polish-Slavic Center, 176 Java St., Brooklyn, NY 11222

A maximum of 5 candidates from — each age group — solo category – will be admitted to the FINALS.

A maximum of 5 choir groups from – each age category – will be admitted to the FINALS.

FINALS – Friday, December 7th, 2023 at Polish-Slavic Center, 176 Java St., Brooklyn, NY 11222

AWARD CEREMONY – Sunday, December 10th, 2023 at the Polish-Slavic Center, Java St., Brooklyn, NY 11222

  1. Each solo candidate must prepare and memorize three Christmas Carols and learn how to coordinate with the accompaniment. Preferably in varied styles (fast/ slow, happy/ sad). They can perform with any accompaniment live instrumental, example: piano, guitar, accordion, harp, flute, violin etc. or even karaoke. Percussion instruments are not accepted as an accompaniment.
  2. The program should not last longer than 12 minutes. Any candidate performing over the time limit will be stopped.
  3. The Choir group is required to present three Christmas Carols in harmonized voices.
  4. The Choir groups are also restricted to 12 minutes of presentation time.
  5. The selection of pieces should vary stylistically.
  6. It is not required but strongly recommended that Polish groups do not present more than two Polish Christmas Carols.
  7. It is highly recommended but not required that Choral groups present one of the choral movements from the most popular Christmas Oratorios – for example: “Messiah” by G.F. Handel.
  1. The Competition application shall include the following:
    •  A completed application form.
    •  For solo singers – one current headshot (resolution 300 dpi)
    •  For solo singers – a photocopy of an official document indicating the date of birth
    •  A non-refundable application fee.

Application fee can be sent:

  • by check to: Nowodworski Foundation, 161-18, 97 St. Howard Beach, NY 11414
  • by PayPal to Nowodworski Foundation with the name of the applicant
  • by Zelle to 914.260.8178 with the name of the applicant
  1. The application is available online on the Nowodworski Foundation website: www.siteNF.org. It must be filled out and submitted along with all the necessary documents, including payment, by November 1st, 2023. Each candidate will receive an email receipt of the complete application submission. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  1. Each winner will receive a special award and diploma.
  2. All winners will get press coverage in Polish media as well as on the Nowodworski’s Foundation website.
  3. Participation in the Winners Gala Concert at the Polish-Slavic Center on December 10th.
  1. All repertoire must be performed from memory.
  2. During each stage of the competition, Juries will select one carol of their choice.
  3. The order of the participants’ performances in each Round will be determined by the Competition Jury.
  4. The organizer does not provide an accompanist. We can recommend an accompanist but the candidate will have to individually negotiate the pianist’s fee, time of rehearsal, etc.
  5. The awards will be presented with the final and indisputable decision of the Jury.
  6. Each contestant, including Choral groups, will receive the Jury’s recommendations in the following categories:

a)  Pitch
b)  Musicality/expression
c)  Diction
d)  Manner of entering and leaving the stage
e)  Overall Execution

In each category, 20 will be the maximum number of points totaling 100.

  1. The Foundation takes no responsibility for the Participant’s travel, accommodations, food, medical insurance or any other expenses incurred by their participation in the competition. Competition participants should have health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in the USA. The Foundation can help with assistance to obtain cheaper accommodations rather than regular hotel rates in New York City
  2. The Foundation will not assist competition participants to obtain USA visas. At the interested party’s request, the competition office will provide a note confirming his/her submission of the completed application.
  3. Each Competition participant will:
  • Permit the Foundation to make audio and visual recordings of all performances during the competition and the winners’ concert and transfer to the Foundation all economic rights to these performances;
  • Permit the Foundation to make audio and visual recordings of images, statements, and interviews given during the competition or relating to the competition;
  • Transfer to the Foundation all property rights to these statements and interviews, and permit the Foundation to disseminate his/her image recorded in connection with his/her participation in the competition.
  1. The contestants (or their legal caregivers) will be required to sign a release waiving any rights to recorded material that is archived, published, broadcasted or used for nonprofit and /or for promotional and educational purposes.
  2. The Foundation reserves the right to make any changes to the overall competition structure as it sees fit, including changing the number and dates of the competition stages, and the editing rules and regulations.
  3. Registration to the competition implies the acceptance of the provisions included in “The Rules and Regulations” as well as authorization to use the contestant’s personal data for promotions.
  4. During the competition, under-age contestants must be under legal guardian supervision and care. They are permitted to be present during the competition rounds — but not on stage!
  5. With any questions email office@siteNF.org or call 646.897.6782


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