One cannot speculate on the purpose of art and art education without pondering in one’s mind the ultimate question of what life is for. It is fashionable nowadays to discourage ultimate questions with a smile, but one does so at one’s own peril…art training is not one of the minor fillers of the curriculum, but relates to the very fundamentals of education. What are these fundamentals? Reading, writing, and arithmetic? Certainly, these are indispensable skills; but should we not realize by now that they are just skills? And that even as a list of skills the list is incomplete? If am not mistakes, the three fundamentals of education are: Perceiving, Thinking and Forming. And the tools needed to exert these faculties of the mind are numbers, words, and shapes. Of these three sets of tools the first two have been considered the only essential once since the Middle Ages. We must rehabilitate the third.”                 —Rudolph Arnheim

Westchester County
Putnam County
New York City


10:30  – 11:30 AM
Supplies: oil pastels or crayons, letter size paper, something to scratch wax (blunt end scissors, plastic knife?)
Tables/desks should be protected. Sharpie’s ink goes deep. Wax can be messy as well.

*These workshops are made possible in part, through the Putnam County Arts Council’s Arts Link grant program with public funds provided by Putnam County.
This program will be held entirely online through Zoom. Please register online with your email to receive the log on information to this program. Please register for each class individually!

TEXTURE   |  Mount Fuji, Japan @ Brewster Library
Tuesday, June 23, 202010:30 – 11:30 AM

Mount Fuji, print

Supplies:  2 letter-size white papers, 1 sandwich-size (or larger) zip-lock plastic bag, or any kind of plastic (attached to a letter size paper), several WASHABLE Crayola markers (or any brand but washable please), 1 permanent (Sharpie?) marker, tape to attach the plastic to to a paper (please attach the plastic bag ahead of time)


Saturday, June 27, 2020
10:30 – 11:30 AM


Supplies: Sharpie marker (black), markers or crayons, Letter size paper

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