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International Academy for
Culture, Arts, Science and Technology
Charter High School
the CAST


International Academy for Culture, Arts, Science and Technology Charter School (CAST) will be created open to serve any students residing in Yonkers in high school age who apply to attend and exchange visiting students coming from around the world to shear international experience.
It will be located at a vacant school building at St. Casimir Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701.
The Nowodworski Foundation, Charity for Cultural and Educational Exchange, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) (3) educational organization in June 2018 received approval from SUNY Charter School Institute of its Letter of Intent to create and operate this independent charter school. Currently CAST Team is working on Final Submission due in February 2019 for school opening in 2020.

Future CAST School building.



To be the engine of excellence and inspiration to others, for others.


Transform young people into next-generation innovators and leaders inspired by artistic and cultural experiences, through mastering academic achievements, building strong character, and developing entrepreneurial skills for the pursuit of academic, professional, or business careers.

Guiding Principles:

As Students,

  • We explore a variety of subjects through an interactive curriculum to help guide our own personal compass of achievement and success.
  • We learn how to manage projects, write business plans, and turn our ideas into a business.
  • We build confidence and learn from each other’s unique strengths and talents through the experience of teamwork.
  • We practice and enhance our communication and presentation skills.
  • We develop the research skills essential to engage ourselves in a productive and fulfilling life.
  • We are part of a network of like-minded students around the globe who aspire to develop, market, and find a place for our unique abilities.
  • We engage and appreciate world cultures through an exploration of language, music, and art.
  • We spread the power of optimism and the power of learning in a safe environment.
  • We celebrate our successes and seek fun in our endeavors.

CAST Charter is powered by:

  • Innovative Education in Common Core Curriculum and Technology.
  • Immersion in the Arts: Artists in residency inspire – Students create and perform.
  • Promoting open-minded critical thinking skills, creativity, and multi-platform communication.
  • Embracing cultures of the world sharing art, music and culinary arts experiences.
  • Connecting with the world through technology, international exchange, and language curriculum.
  • Holistic, family oriented approach embracing students with special needs.
  • Building a path to responsible society by participating in service learning and community engagement.


Consulting Organizations:

Honorary Patronage:
Anna Maria Anders, Senator

Board of Trustees:
Jerzy Lesniak, RA, LEED AP – Chair
Jola Burnett, Vice-Chair
Judith Niewiadomski, Secretary
Alina Gauza, Treasurer
Romuald Magda, Esq., Trustee
Yiduo Liu, Trustee

Advisors, Team members:
Nnenna Akoma, Liason Yonkers
Lucy Baney, IT, technology
Brent Baier, special education
Elzbieta Baumgartner, development
Andrzej Cierkosz, bilingual program
Anna Frailich, poet, prof. emer. Columbia University, literature
Gregory Fryc, PR, development
Dr. Janusz Golec, mathematics program
Jadwiga Hajdukiewicz, culinary arts, community outreach
Jacek Kaczor, Nowodworski HS principal, exchange program
Dr. Janusz Kapusta, art, innovation
Dr. Malgorzata Kellis, music program
Sabina Klimek, international business, PR
Dor Lata, PR, personal branding
Dominika Latkowski, PR
Jeanne Lauer, business technology
Natalia Lesniak art, engineering
Kinga Lesniak, art, media
Steven Leaden, IT
Dr. Pawel Maciag Esq. PR, fundraising
Prof. Tadeusz Malinski, science
Michael Marlowe, SAT preparation
Joseph Monaco, culinary arts
Dr. Mariusz Monczak, music, concerts, fundraising
Yvonne Morgan, accounting
Ewa Natkaniec, development
Janusz Natkaniec, development
Brett Nomberg Esq. insurance law
Anna Ogorek, community outreach
Kuba Oleksinski, public outreach
Halina Sabath, PR, public outreach
Ardina Seward, media, PR
Gabriel Tatela, academic curriculum, special education
Michal Ulanski, development
Michael Wildes, Esq. immigration law, international exchange

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