CAST School

International Academy of Culture, Arts, Sciences and Technology Charter High School (CAST)

A Proposed Charter School to  be founded by the The Nowodworski Foundation In Yonkers, NY



Consulting Organizations:
New York Charter School Incubator: Dirk Tillotson, Paul Le

Honorary Patronage:
Anna Maria Anders, Senator

Jerzy Lesniak, RA, LEED AP – Chair
Dr. Malgorzata Kellis, music and art program
Romuald Magda Esq. legal affairs
Jola Burnett development, PR, fundraising
Mellisa Reys-Capellan, secretary, development
Ewa Natkaniec, treasurer

Brent Baier, principal, special education

Active Advisors, Team members:
Elzbieta Baumgartner, development
Andrzej Cierkosz, bilingual program
Anna Frailich, poet, prof. emer. Columbia, literature
Gregory Fryc, PR, development
Alina Gauza, local outreach
Steven Laden, IT network
Yiduo Liu, music, international exchange
Jacek Kaczor, principal, B. Nowodworski HS Krakow, international exchange, european culture
Dr. Janusz Kapusta, art, innovation
Sabina Klimek, international business, PR
Dor Lata, PR
Dominika Latkowski, PR
Natalia Lesniak art, engineering
Kinga Lesniak, art, media
Dr. Pawel Maciag Esq., PR, fundraising
prof. Tadeusz Malinski, science
Joseph Monaco, culinary arts
Dr. Mariusz Monczak, music, concerts, fundraising
Brett Nomberg Esq., insurance law
Anna Ogorek, local PR contacts, development
Kuba Oleksinski, public outreach
Frank P. Orlowski, PR, fundraising
Halina Sabath, PR, public outreach
Ardina Seward, media, PR
Danuta Sieminski, development
Michal Ulanski, development
Michael Wildes, Esq. immigration law, international exchange

Advisors in absence:
Kinga Kalandyk

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International Academy for Culture, Arts, Science and Technology Charter School (CAST) will be created open to serve any students residing in Yonkers in High School grades who apply to attend.
It will be located at 239 Nepperhan Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701.
The Nowodworski Foundation, Charity for Cultural and Educational Exchange, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) (3) educational organization intends to submit a formal letter of intent to the Regents of the State of New York to apply to create and operate this independent charter school.

Future CAST School building.


  • The mission of the International Academy for Culture, Arts, Science and Technology Charter School (CAST) will be to provide a rigorous cultural, artistic and educational experience open to all high school aged children residing in Yonkers.
  • CAST will make welcome any and all nationalities, races and linguistic groups represented in the Yonkers community.
    In response to students representing diverse populations, CAST will embrace and celebrate those cultures in the arts.
  • CAST will serve high-need student groups including:
    – Students with disabilities
    – English language learners
    – Over-age, under-credited or at risk of not graduating from high school
    – At-risk of academic failure or with a school history of academic failure

Unique approach

  • CAST seeks to promote racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity.
  • CAST will celebrate the shared experiences created through the Arts in Music, Dance, Design and Visual Arts.
  •  The artists in residence will represent different cultures, races and nationalities.
  • Native born speakers will be recruited as staff members in teaching roles, as assistant teachers or as family advocates.  The staff will reflect the multi-cultural diversity in this international school.
  • This school will create a community of respect and acceptance of difference, diversity and global awareness.

CAST will add emphasis on Culture, Arts, Science coupled with Technology.

  • CAST will create an international environment by seeking to hire staff that reflect the student population.
  • CAST will use technology to connect to students across the globe to further international understanding.
  • CAST will offer opportunities for apprenticeships for under-credited overaged students.
  • CAST will teach citizenship through service learning.

Rigorous Curriculum.

  • All content courses will be at the college preparatory, honors, advanced placement or college dual- credit levels unless they are apprenticeships (such as in the Culinary Arts Program).
    Courses are on an alternate day block schedule of four, 88-minute periods each day.
  • Dual credit will be offered through early college experience courses in a relationship with Westchester Community College.
  • Virtual High School courses will also be available especially for course credit recovery.
  • CAST will send teachers to become certified in design and engineering through Project Lead the Way.

Culture through Food, Experiences and Expression

  • Every student will take a culinary course to learn cultural foods significance and preparation.  Some may chose to concentrate in culinary apprenticeship for graduation.
  • All students will work in the school kitchen or catering for the work based experiences at some point in their school career.
  • All students will be expected to provide service learning through volunteer activities.  These could include running tutoring and activity programs for local elementary students after school and on weekends or peer tutoring of other CAST students.  They will be earning service learning credits.
  • All students will create and participate in festivals and fairs which may be for the CAST educational community and/or for local Yonkers community.
  • All students will take Arts classes that allow for artistic expression through music, digital and visual arts, dance and design.