Past Events

Year 2017
The Nowodworski Foundation 17th Anniversary Gala to honor
Central Park Conservancy – Recipient of King Jan III Sobieski Award
and Polonia Activist Group of Poghkeepsie, NY – Recipient of Community Eagle Award

Honorary Chairwoman Anna Maria Anders, Secretary of State of the Republic of Poland for the International Dialogue

Year 2016
Urban Weaving – light sculpture; King Jagiello in New York
1939-2016; October 30, 2016 –Historical Games in Central Park; A Celebration on the 77th Anniversary of Stanisław Ostrowski’s Statue; Nowodworski Foundation – 16th Anniversary Gala; 1050 Anniversary of the Baptism of Poland and Medieval Festival, June 12, 2016

Year 2015:
Celebrating the 15 Anniversary of the Nowodworski Foundation.
Anthony Chroscielewski recipient of Jan III Sobieski Award
The end of Summer Dance, Bronxville NY, fundraising event
Concerts: Bronxville, NY, Port Chester NY and Yonkers NY. KJ. Denhert-guitar/vocal, Angelica Podola-viola, Annette Taylor-vocal.

Bikers Rally, fudraising event, Art Exhibit: Mira Satryan-paintings, Yonkers NY.

Year 2014:
Bike to Yonkers, Yonkers NY, JP2 Project, Yonkers NY.

Year 2013:
Fresh Pond Road Italian Festival, Ridgewood, NY.

Year 2012
Year 2011

Year 2010:
Rita Cosby recipient of Jan III Sobieski Award, Art Exhibit: N. Lesniak-photography, E. Tubergen-painting/photography. Concert: K. Medyna-saxophone, T. Bednarek-guitar/vocal, A. Kowalewski-keyboard. Bronxville NY.
Polish-American Bridge, Art Contest and Concert. Polish Consulate General, New York NY.

Year 2009:
Joseph E. Gore recipient of the Jan III Sobieski Award, Art Exhibit: L. Tomaszewski-sculpture, J. Grebski-paintings, B.Maryanska-paintings, A. Nowak-paintings.
Concert: K. Medyna-saxophone, K. Pemble-guitar/vocal, N. Poholchuk-guitar/vocal, P. Mielicka-vocal. Bronxville NY.

Year 2008:
Patrons for the Arts, Art Exhibit I. Halkiewicz paintings, Bronxville NY.

Year 2007
Year 2006

Year 2005:
Art Exhibit, Rafal Olbinski posters and prints, Bronxville NY

Year 2004:
Rendez-vous with the Arts, Art Exhibit & Concert, B. Blonska-flute, L. Simas-piano, A. Karkowska-violin, K. Karkowska-piano, Polish Consulate General, New York NY

Year 2003
Art Exhibit/European Folk Dance Show, Brooklyn NY.
Hosting Mata e Grifone, Folk Dance Group from Sicily/Italy, Concerts: Mahopac, Somers, New York/Sea Port NY.

Year 2002:
Fundraising event /Winter Ball, Yonkers, NY.
Gypsy Jazz Concert, Larry Urbon-guitar, Port Chester NY

Year 2001:
Valhalla Festival, Valhalla NY.
Art Exhibits, E. Rosiek-Buszko-pastel & tapstry, E. Jordan-sculpture, K. Lesniak-batik, B. Slavin-ceramics, Europa Gallery, Brooklyn NY;  Music & Poetry, J. Korczynski-piano, W. Mielicki-guitar/vocal, E. Mielicka-poetry reading. Vernon, NJ

Year 2000:
Nowodworski Theatre – Nowodworski HS Students visit NY. Performance: Mahopac and Somers High Schools, NY and Clark, NJ.
Art & Poetry Evening, E. Jordan -sculpture, D. Ocetek-vocal/guitar; Purdys NY; Ward Pound Ridge Meeting


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