Win a Scholarship at Krakow Art School

Win a scholarship at Krakow Art Schools! Polish Talent Support is a competition organized by the Krakow Art Schools (KSA) addressed to Poles living abroad. The competition includes categories related to various artistic fields. If you are interested in clothing design, photography, interior design, choreography, or acting, this competition is for you!

The main prizes are annual scholarships in the fields of study run by the Krakow Art Schools. The winners also have the opportunity to present their work during events organized by KSA and take part in artistic workshops free of charge. For many, it will be an opportunity to get to know the Polish language better and make friends in their native country. In this way, we also want to create a platform for the exchange of valuable experiences between Poles from different countries.

Applications are accepted until August 16, 2023. Polish Talent Support:
With questions, you can also email

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