Event: Experimental musical performance and sculpture opening*
Who: all ages welcome, especially children and families
When: Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 11am
Where: Rye Arts Center, 51 Milton Rd, Rye, NY 10580
Sculpture will be available for public viewing and playing until Spring 2023

Night Multimedia Art and Gooseberry Studio present the “Ballad of Cyclic Change.” “Ballad of Cyclic Change” is an interactive acoustic sculpture series inspired by biogeochemical cycles and how they mirror cycles in our daily lives. Built from upcycled materials, the instrument sculptures reinterpret everyday items as vibrant resources for musical play. A live electroacoustic performance lead by NYC based musician and composer, Jacob Elkin, will be presented along with interpretive dance. This will be followed by an opportunity for the public to interact with the sculptures and create their own musical compositions. We especially encourage young audience members to touch and play the instruments to learn the value of recycling and making music together! By connecting human stories of transition to nature’s cycles we hope to help people to feel connected to their planet and their community.

Artists: Kathy Creutzburg, Mirabai Kwan Yin, Jake Elkin, Aya Hirota, Natalia Lesniak

Free art workshop for children

Ukrainian Festival, Yonkers, NY





1050 anniversary of the Baptism of Poland &  MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL

June 12, 2016 – 11AM–5PM
239 Nepperhan Ave. Yonkers, NY 10705
St. Casimir Church and parish grounds
Historical & folk costumes welcome

Malgorzata Kellis, soprano – “Bogurodzica” (Mother of God) polish oldest song, Krisztina Kiss, viola


  • Cabaret Karol presents – “Baptism of Prince Mieszko I and his court”
  • Dance
  • Performances, games for children, sports
  • Lottery / Polish Buffet
  • Paintings of Mira Satryan
  • Exhibit “Poland of Prince Mieszko I”
  • Bikers Rally
  • Historical (and not only) contests for children, teenagers and adults
  • Vendors – presentation and special offer for car buyersParish
  • Library – transmission of soccer game – Poland vs Ireland
Krisztina Kiss, Czardas on viola
Krisztina Kiss, Czardas on viola

KRISZTINA KISS  initially starting as a violinist at the age of nine in Hungary, after years of experience in many orchestras and ensembles Krisztina changed to become a violist. While working with the Debrecen Symphony Orchestra she gained her Masters in music performance. After 2 years touring with the orchestra she was promoted to the post of principal viola, and went on to play viola d’amore solo with the orchestra in many festivals, theatres and concerts including Budapest’s Spring Festival and live on Romanian National Radio. After relocating to London she specialised in performing with bands live, and as a session musician for studio recordings. During 2015 Krisztina has enjoyed performing with many notable ensembles, such as the Covent Garden Musicians.

Mira Satryan and her paintings
Mira Satryan and her paintings

MIRA SATRYAN   My painting is a message evolving around emotions, eternal to some degree, primary, one could say… It is the fascination, the ability to perceive and experience beauty, a union of most intimate experiences and emotions, the fascination with nature as well as with a relative relationship with another human being. I express in my painting the concerns and risks that result from a fleeting structure of circumstances defining our everyday lives. Painting is the realm of communicating expression and emotionality that are a common theme of sorts in my paintings – the awareness of impermanence. Sometimes my painting has a dramatic form, emphasized with a contrast color of varying intensity of the hue. The structure of our existence is very fleeting and frail; it takes an effort to cultivate it… Our experiences are ephemeral and transitory… and everything passes irrevocably.




to commemorate St. John Paul II, while creating the Pilgrim House – Cultural Center “JP2House” in Yonkers.  Donation Brick $20

Join us  Sunday,  April 10th for a rare opportunity to enjoy the music of the world-class singer and musicians at St. Casimir Church.

Małgorzata Kellis, 
Mariusz Monczak, 
Oleg Dusaev
, organ

Moniuszko • Nowowiejski • Paderewski • Mozart • Górecki • Borkowski

Church of St. Casimir,  
239 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701
Sunday, April 10th, 2016 at 11:00 AM



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