10th Anniversary

—Joseph K. Yip D.D.S

Beginning with “THE DELUGE”, Poland became a lost entity until after WWI. That was itself a brief moment when the Ribbentrop-Molotov treaty went into effect. Only after WWII did it raise again, and continues to do so with centuries of partitions by its neighbors, one wonder being Polish can survive.
But it survives and is celebrated particularly through organizations like the Nowodworski Foundation. Celebration of ones culture can be achieve through many venues. A common way is through festivals or social events.  The Nowodworski approach is a walk of discovery of the Polish mind.  It is a creative mind.  It works hard and diligently.  It wants to reach up to the sky.  And yet can return to the earth.  Through their Summer Art Camp in Poland, of which both my daughters participated.  They were immerse in the fertile soil of Poland and blossom from it.  I thank the Nowodworski foundation
for connecting our daughters to natures beauty and Humanity. The foundation is  GEM that would sparkle for a very long time

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