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Yonkers Barnes & Noble Book Fair

January 2020 Book Fair organized by Nneena Akoma Ononaji, Nowodworski Foundation Book Club Milestones with Love Director, in cooperation with Barnes & Noble, Yonkers  and with support from volunteers and our friends, which included: NYS Assemblyman Nader J. Sayegh, Karen N. Best, Esq., Emily B. Ellis, GBTC LTD., Karen Best, Admi. Law Judge, Robert J. Bernstein, psychologist, author Uniquely normal (on autism spectrum issues), many other volunteers from Book Club and Jerzy Nowodworski Foundation President.
Thank you to all Barnes and Noble employees and especially to Cheryl Hayden, who helped us coordinate all details with the bookstore!


The Krakow’s Crib Contest
Konkurs Szopek Krakowskich

Jerzy Lesniak, the Nowodworski Foundation president, announces the 1st prize winner


1st prize
Danuta Lisowska

1st prize, Danuta Lisowska


2nd prize (ex aequo)
Jaroslaw, Elzbieta, Monika & Adam Dworakowski

2nd prize (ex aequo), Jaroslaw, Elzbieta, Monika & Adam Dworakowski


2nd prize (ex aequo)
Katarzyna, Michal, Paulina & Jakub Wysk

2nd prize (ex aequo), Katarzyna, Michal, Paulina & Jakub Wysk


3rd prize
Mateusz, Bozena & Maciej Fiedorczuk

3rd prize, Mateusz, Bozena & Maciej Fiedorczuk



1st prize (ex aequo)
Dominik Lysek
Lily McCarthy

1st prize (ex aequo), Dominik Lysek
1st prize (ex aequo), Lily MacCarthy


2nd prize
Victoria Perzan

2nd prize, Victoria Perzan


3rd prize (ex aequo)
Adam Beckford
Anthony Beckford

3rd prize (ex aequo), Adam Beckford
3rd prize (ex aequo), Anthony Beckford


Honorable mention
Olivia Delikat
Daniel Lysek

Honorable mention, Olivia Delikat
Honorable mention, Daniel Lysek

December 2019


Danuta Lisowska and her “szopka” with Yonkers councilman Anthony Merante
2nd prize (ex aequo)
2nd prize
Yonkers exhibit, December 2019
All artworks
Proud father taking photos


The Kraków’s Crib Contest

“The Kraków Nativity Scenes is a unique style of art in the whole World. Its form has been formalized in 19th century Kraków, between bricklayers and contractors, looking for some extra income during Autumn/Winter time.
Building of portable puppet show, with Holy Family located on the first floor of Marquette with many towers and turrets and containing elements specific for old Kraków’s architecture was quite popular hobby before the First World War. This custom abandoned in the 1920s and 1930s until 1937, when people keen on Kraków’s tradition organized First Kraków’s cribs contest. Since then, excluding short break during Second World War, the custom lasted until today and it keeps growing.
Every year on first Thursday of December before noon around Adam Mickiewicz monument in the Main Square crib makers are gathering to show their newest crafts. Crowd of Kraków citizens, families, tourists and TV camera operators’ teams surrounds them.
The Kraków’s Crib is a slender multilevel tower – a very embossed small building made from light, non-persistent material. The characteristic trait of it, especially now, is that it contains a lot of processed and linked elements consistent with Kraków’s ancient architecture.”        — www.muzeumkrakowa.pl

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