Youtube – Fantastical Leaves with Wax Resist (2022 workshop with Amanda Konishi)

Discover Wax resist technique with Amanda Konishi!


  • wax crayons in a variety of colors
  • watercolor or water-based paint
  • sturdy paper
  • large brush
  • container of water
  • paper towel (few pieces
  • Optional: small cups or plate for color mixing
    Newspaper or table covering (optional but recommended)

Participants will create atmospheric drawings of a variety of leaves using a crayon wax resist technique. Color mixing will be introduced with both crayons and paint, and the basic structure of different varieties of leaves will be explored. It is suggested that participants bring a few leaves in from their neighborhood or any surrounding environment if possible. After learning a few different ways to create leaves, participants will be encouraged to explore their creativity by mixing and matching patterns, styles and colors to make their own fantasy foliage.