Gardens Series. Depth and Perspective. Sketching. Wednesday, 2/8/2023 at 5:30 PM. Zoom.

To sign up for this program send an email to with the note GARDENS in the subject line. We will email you the ZOOM ID and password. Scroll down for the art supplies list.

Art Materials

  • Light paper (a few pages of any size)
  • Pencil
  • Optional: colored pencils

“True, you ought to be familiar with perspective and master the basic techniques. But the most important thing in sketching is not merely the technical approach. Even a computer can construct vanishing points. 
          Remember, perspective is not just a construct. Depth can be depicted in many ways. You can portray depth by making the background disappear in the haze. Overlapping things—having them cover one another—also created depth.
          Even colors can be used to produce visual depth. The farther away an object is, the bluer it becomes.
          The most important thing is that you develop a feel for depth. Don’t lose your confidence. Get going and develop a sense of perspective. Truly great illustrators count on intuition—not on technique and constructs!”
—Felix Scheinberger