Learning Scratch

This course is designed for children ages 8-11.  Students will learn how to create their own animations using Scratch, a visual programming language.   They will learn more about coding while expressing their creativity.   Laptop, desktop or tablet is required. 

Program Overview
Week 1 : Learning the basics of Scratch & learning how to navigate it
Week 2: Remixing the Scratch project “polygon play”
Week 3: Creating a simple game
Week 4: Part 1 of  creating Scratch Maze game
Week 5: Pat 2 of Scratch Maze Game

Click HERE to open “Scratch Day 1 Plan”

Click HERE to open “Scratch Week 2”


Scratch Week 3 – Creating a Simple Game


Scratch Week 4 – Scratch Maze Game, part 1


Scratch Week 5, part 2

(link to PDF) Scratch Week 5




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