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November 4th at 2:00 PM — Free Live Zoom Art workshop with Amanda Konishi

POLLINATORS IN ACTION – Flower flies (Syrphids) versus honeybees and wasps (mimicry)

To sign up for this program send an email to office@sitenf.org with the note ART WORKSHOP in the subject line. We will email you the ZOOM ID and password.

Nov 17th update: to watch the video from this workshop click here

Instructor: Amanda Konishi
@amkonishi  ~  @fruitnotanacorn

 Paper, pen or pencil, and coloring materials (example: watercolor, colored pencil, or crayon).

 In this workshop, we will create line drawings of three flying look-alike’s in the insect kingdom: syrphids, honeybees and yellowjacket wasps. While many members of the syrphid family (including flowerflies/hoverflies) display color and pattern to mimic the appearance of stinging insects like bees and wasps, they are harmless.