Yonkers Art Adventures. Animals: Nine-tailed Fox – Wednesday, 5/24/2023 @ 5:30 pm on Zoom.

To sign up for this program send an email to office@sitenf.org with the note ART WORKSHOP in the subject line. We will email you the ZOOM ID and password.

The nine-tailed fox ( Chinese: 九尾狐; pinyin: jiǔwěihú) is a mythical fox entity originating from Chinese mythology that is a common motif in East Asian mythology and the most famous fox spirit in Chinese culture. In Chinese and East Asian folklore, foxes are depicted as spirits possessed of magic powers.

For the ANIMALS workshop, I chose a drawing of the nine-tailed fox, which is a powerful creature in Eastern lore. The drawings of insects relate to the legend of the nine-tailed fox in Chinese culture.
—Amanda Konishi

Art materials: pencil, ink, coloring materials optional