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Port Chester Day in Lyon Park, Port Chester Village, NY. Saturday, August 26, 2023.

2023 Port Chester Day — OUT OF HOME  — art workshop series

WHEN  August 26th, 2023
WHERE  John Lyon Park, look for us at the Gazebo area
For the exact location click HERE 
Space and coordination are provided by the Recreation Department of Port Chester Village.
We will discover and practice Gyotaku (gee-o-taku): Fish Prints.
Gyotaku was first done as a method of record keeping. As a part of the training of Samurai warriors in Sakai Province, the men were required to record the fish they caught by inking them and pressing the paper to the inked fish. Archives exist with records of fish over 200 years ago.
After falling into disuse, gyotaku has been revived in the past fifty years, both as a record by fishermen and also as an art in itself.
Jo Miles Schulman
We will create coral reef images using plexiglass plates with tempera paints. Be ready to make a beautiful monoprint.
Painting different animals on large-size paper is always a lot of fun.